Playboy A poem by Dipendra Kumar

Like the frantic uncontrolled waves
of blue oceans,
waves within my mind
passes questionnaires about you.
Love to you, Love from you
Love with you, Love within you;
how possibly I understand –
Was I Romeo to see you Juliet?
Did I became Devdas to find Paaro?
Were I travelling in Titanic to sense you?
Lovers has passed
their expression of love,
You as a chilling moon,
You as a red rose,
You as an angel,
You as a dream-girl.
I have asked myself –
if the moons were never there,
if roses were not flowers,
if angels were wicked devils,
if dreams were nightmares;
will they pass these names to please you?
When I see with my eyes,
you are simply you –
a pretty girl but playful,
a happy girl but merry,
a smart girl but shy,
a perfect girl to become woman.
I listen, believe, trust and feel my eyes,
to see you a perfect girl, simply a girl.
May be you are fond of lies
the confrontation of flirts
May be you expect same from me and I failed
then I enjoyed being failed,
then I rejoiced the frantic waves becoming your only ‘Playboy’

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