*Short STORY****

Sky is clear,and the birds are flying. There are uncountable faces under the same sky with different emotions and situations.Philip too is one of them.As he reads a paper,his clear and bright face seems to be darkened…The Paper wrote-Take back your words against us.,otherwise death is coming to you soon.

He goes back in time.


A meeting is organised. All the people from different respective fields are there to summon up the meeting. Philip also being a part of the village and also a writer is to address the villagers. Many came and said their speeches well written by the brains and so called intellectuals. Philip at his time addressed from his heart-“My beloved ones,We live and we live to survive., We have the right of expression.We have our own thoughts and it is right to express our views and opinions. Nobody can stop us .”


Threat was written in bold words,As he carefully examines the words from the threat,he remembers three words from the constitution-‘Right to Speech’..

He declares-‘I have the right to speak’.I don’t have to fear anyone. It isn’t crime to speak what is right. To speak against nation is crime but to speak against corrupt politicians is not. ,To speak against wrong is not an offence. To speak about something fussy is not a reason to be guilty of.

Few days later Philip is seen in Jail.



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